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Towards an Multilevel Agent-Based Model for Traffic Simulation

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In Proc. of 6th International Workshop on Agent-based Mobility, Traffic and Transportation Models, Methodologies and Applications (ABMTRANS'17), Springer, 2017.
Large scale road traffic is a complex system that could be modelled with a multilevel approach. Most of the multilevel models from the literature have fixed a priori level of details (micro-meso, micro- macro, meso-macro). This paper has two goals: it presents the state of the art related to large scale traffic models, and it gives the main research direction to create a novel multilevel model that support dynamic selection of the level during the simulation. Our proposal is based on an organizational modelling approach and the use of the concept of holon (agent composed of agents).
agent based modeling, large scale, traffic, organisational model, multilevel model, holon
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