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Agent-Based Simulation of Drivers with the Janus Platform

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In Proc. of 3nd International Workshop on Agent-based Mobility, Traffic and Transportation Models, Methodologies and Applications (ABMTRANS14), pp. 738-743, Hasselt, Belgium, Elsevier, Procedia Computer Science, vol. 32, 2014.
DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2014.05.484.
Agent-based models may be now used for modeling complex transportation systems. They permit the analysis and the understanding of the complex phenomenon of interactions between different entities. This paper proposes a multiagent model for the microscopic simulation of drivers in a virtual environment. It is based on the definitions and constraints coming from the agent- oriented software engineering. The paper proposes to make a clear distinction between the models of the individuals (the drivers), and of the physical environment in which the agents are located. This distinction permits to decrease the design’s complexity. The selected agent platform to support this model is Janus, and its environment model JaSim.
Multi-agent simulation, Environment model, Driver model, Janus Platform, JaSim environment model
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