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An Ontology-Based Metamodel for Multiagent-Based Simulations

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In International Journal on Simulation Modelling, Practice, and Theory, vol. 40, pp. 64-85, Elsevier, 2014.
DOI: 10.1016/j.simpat.2013.09.002.
Multiagent-based simulations enable us to validate different use-case scenarios in a lot of application domains. The idea is to develop a realistic virtual environment to test particular domain-specific procedures. This paper presents our general framework for interactive multiagent- based simulations in virtual environments. The major contribution of this paper is the integration of the notion of ontology as a core element to the design process of a behavioral simulation. The proposed metamodel describes the concepts of a multiagent simulation using situated agents moving in a semantically enriched 3D environment. The agents perceive the geometric and semantic data in the surrounding environment. They are also able to act in this environment by using high-level actions, which are described by the ontology of the environment. The concepts relating to the environment, the agent, and the entire simulation models are presented. Additionally, guidelines are given to exploit the simulation results to characterize the agents. Finally, a simple application of the metamodel is presented, based upon the use of Industry Foundation Classes.
multiagent, simulation, ontology, metamodel
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International journal with reading committee
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