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A Formal Specification of M-Agent Architecture

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In Proc. of Second International Workshop of Central and Eastern Europe on Multi-Agent Systems, CEEMAS 2001 Cracow, Poland. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol 2296,, 2001.
ISBN 3-540-43370-8.
Complexity of distributed and decentralized systems demands new tools for designing and programming processes. An idea of autonomous agents that arises as an extension of the object and process concepts may be applied to distributed and decentralized systems development. In the paper the authors have undertaken an attempt to describe formally the architecture of multiagent systems using a method of specification based upon the combination of Object-Z, Statecharts and M-agent architecture. The proposed method of multiagent system description may be considered as a starting point to develop a multi-agent system description method covering a gap existing between theoretical analysis and practical realization of multiagent systems.
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