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Cooperative Intersections for Emerging Mobility Systems

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In Proc. of 15th European Working Group on Transportation, Paris, France, 2012.
Traffic lights allow to efficiently manage conflicts between dense traffics in urban area. Nevertheless, emerging mobility systems, such as car sharing systems or high frequency bus lines, require more flexible and precise signalization systems. Indeed, the traffic lights display the green to all vehicles without selecting the ones that really deserve the right of way. This paper relies on a real project in order to highlight the interest of the onboard signalization coupled with the negotiation of the right of way. It exhibits the problem and then deepens the proposed protocol for cooperative intersection management. The main problem is the respect of bus timetables. The protocol allows to determine the sequences of buses that cross the intersection. A real-time policy for resolving the problem of delayed buses is proposed. The protocol is first tested through a real intersection of cars driven by human. This test shows that the sequence optimization is feasible. Simulations are finally presented in order to show the interest of the approach before concluding.
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