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E-Care : Ontological Architecture for Telemonitoring and Alerts Detection

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In Proc. of proceedings of the 24th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence -ICTAI 2012, 2012.
In most developed countries, life expectancy has been increasing steadily and burden of chronic disease continues to grow. The chronic diseases are responsible for increasingly growing health spending. Telemonitoring systems provide a way to monitor patients and their needs within the comfort of their own homes. In the first systems, the data were sent directly to the medical experts to be interpreted. With technological advancements, software and applications have been developed to process the data. In this paper, we will focus on e-Care platform that combines the semantic web and artificial intelligence, for telemonitoring. e-Care is based on generic ontologies to accommodate different conditions and types of sensors and data. A decision support is bases on an inference engine, this engine is used for following up the health of the patient and the detection of abnormal situations and react accordingly, by providing recommendations and informing his physician with alerts.
Ontologies, telemonitoring, decision support, rule base inference, alert detection
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