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A Conceptualization of Organizations Involved in Product Design: a First Step Towards Reasoning and Knowledge Management

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In International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communications, vol. 1(1), pp. 141-153, The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC), 2011.
ISSN 2225-658X.
The aim of this paper is to build an ontology of organizations. This ontology will be used to analyze, reason and understandorganizations. The targeted organizations are those composed of individualsinvolved in the design of a product and, to do so, following a design process. This ontology will be used to support knowledge managementwithin the described organizations. More specifically, the ontology willprovide means for reasoning, annotating resources, monitoring design processes, enabling searches and proactively proposing tips and proper content. The presented approach is based upon the use of an existing organizational metamodel, namely CRIO, already used for the description of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) organizations. In our case, the concepts of this metamodel are used to model human activities.
Ontology,Organization modeling, Knowledge Management
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International journal with reading committee
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