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A Reactive Agent Based Vehicle Platoon Algorithm with Integrated Obstacle Avoidance Ability

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In Proc. of Fifth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems SASO 2011, 2011.
Since around two decades multi-agent systems and particularly reactive multi-agent systems are used for wide range of problem solving, modelling and simulation application. These approaches are characterized by their capability to solve complex problems, while maintaining functional and conceptual simplicity of involved entities. In many cases, multi-agent based approaches exhibit effectiveness in various fields such as life simulation, robots cooperation,... One of the main problem of such method is the difficulty to characterized/measure emergent phenomena. Based on preceding work, this paper presents a reactive agent based vehicle platoon algorithm with integrated obstacle avoidance ability. The vehicle decision process is then considered as a multi-agent system, the agents of which build collectively the decision taking into account both platoon and obstacle avoidance constraints. The decision is built through measurement of agency collective state and dynamics.
Platoon, Obstacle Avoidance, Reactive Multiagent system evaluation.
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International conference with proceedings
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