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Multi-Agent Approach to Modeling and Simulation of Urban Transportation Systems

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In Proc. of IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Conference, Tucson, USA, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2001.
ISBN 0-7803-7087-2.
This work presents an approach to modeling and simula- tion of urban public transport network. The main aspects of the approach are agent orientation, combined use of formal languages Object-Z and Statechart. We are convinced that the adoption of formal languages currently encountered in the software engineering field, fa- cilitates the construction of the simulation model and in- troduces new benefits, such as reuse of model components. Additionally, formal languages allow to verify some quali- tative properties related to the correctness of the model be- fore facing the simulation phase. Steel, the formal approach allows for rapid construction of and execution of the simu- lation itself, by using industrial working environments such as Statemate.
Multi-agents, Formal methods, modelling and simulation.
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International conference with proceedings
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