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An E-Groupware Based on Multi Agents Systems for Knowledge Management

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In Proc. of 6th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies conference (DEST), Cairns, Australia, 2007.
This article presents a Knowledge Management ex- periment in a company of four hundred employees. Our researches concerns the development of a MAS associated to an e-Groupware for Knowledge Management within the company. In Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), the development of a product re- quires a multidisciplinary team where professional actors work together to achieve the same goal. In this collaborative world we observe many exchanges (engineering data, report...) and interac- tions (meetings, decisions...). Each of these types of communica- tion is at the origin of the emergent Knowledge. Consequently we propose an approach based upon the modelling of activities with an organizational meta-model and the use of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) to trace Knowledge and automatically build project memo- ries.
Multi Agents System, Design Process Model, Project Memory.
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International conference with proceedings
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