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Multi-Agent Approach to Dynamic Pick-Up and Delivery Problem with Uncertain Knowledge About Future Transport Demands

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In Fundamenta Informaticae, vol. 71(1), pp. 27-36, IOS Publisher, 2006.
This work focuses on the dynamic Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows (PDPTW). The transport requests should be performed using the available fleet of vehicles. The vehicles move between the nodes in road network. This aim of the work is to propose a model which allows predictable future events to take into consideration when a transport plan is created. Particularly, we consider the probability of the frequency of requests at any node in the road network and construction of such vehicle routes that will allow new requests to be inserted into the route without any significant route modification. Therefore, we try to construct routes that pass near the nodes where transport requests are most frequently generated.
transport planning and scheduling, dynamic PDPTW, multi-agent systems
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International journal with reading committee
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