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An Approach for Building Project Memories to Facilitate Design Process in a Concurrent Engineering Context

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In Proc. of 13th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering (ISPE CE 2006),, pp. 279-287, Antibes, France, 2006.
ISBN 978-1-58603-651-5.
This article presents a project memory architecture and an approach to build it. This is a result of the analysis and follow-up of product development projects in a company of four hundred employees. The development of a product is a multi-field project where engineers with different specialities collaborate to achieve the same goal. These professional actors carry out tasks related from the stages defined by product development lifecycle. Each stage requires the contribution of know-how and knowledge in order to achieve the laid down goals. Our approach consists in studying each stage of the process of engineering and defining knowledge necessary to capitalize in order to organize the project memory. Afterwards, the development of such knowledge base will be used to help professional actors to accomplish their task in bringing knowledge of past projects
Project Memory, Concurrent engineering, Knowledge engineering
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International conference with proceedings
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