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How to Control Emergence of Behaviours in a Holarchy

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In Proc. of the Int. Workshop on Self-Adaptation for Robustness and Cooperation in Holonic Multi-Agent Systems (SARC-2008) at the Second International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizaing Systems (SASO 2008), Venice, Italy, IEEE Computer Society, 2008.
An open issue in self-organisation is how to control the emergence of behaviour. This issue is also of interest for engineering holonic multi- agent systems as any level of a holarchy is dependant of the emergent behaviours of its sub- levels. In order to tackle this specific feature of holonic multi-agent systems, the capacity concept which abstracts a know-how from its concrete realisation is introduced. The use of this concept is illustrated in this paper through a case study using the ASPECS development process which enables the analysis, design, implementation and deployment of holonic multi-agent systems and integrates the capacity as a core concept of its underlying metamodel
Multiagent system, Emergence, Holarchy
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