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Multi-Agent Methodological Approach for Distributed Simulation: Life Cycle of MaMA-S

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In Proc. of ASIM-Workshop 20/21.3 - Multiagentsystems and Individual-based simulation, pp. 83-93, Wuerzburg, Germany, Institut fur Informatik (Bayerishe Julius-Maximilians-Universitat), 2000.
We are located in the context of the simulation of complex industrial systems and distributed in geographical, decisional and informational term. This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, we position us within the studying framework of a modeling and specification methodology suggested by [GGBC99]. We briefly expose the problems as well as the considered solutions. In the second part we present the general concepts attached to our methodological apporach MaMAS-S: a simulation model life cycle and a simple approach for distributed development. We explain the four major life cycle phases: analysis, specification, design, and implementation. We conclude this paper by some explanations on a teaching case application.
Distributed simulation, UML Metamodel, Multi-agent systems, Methodological approach
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International conference with proceedings
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