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The Metamodel: a Starting Point for Design Processes Construction

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In International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE), vol. 20(4), pp. 575-608, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2010.
DOI: 10.1142/S0218194010004785.
The construction of ad-hoc design processes following the Situational Method Engineering (SME) paradigm is currently carried out by adopting a set of phases for which, until now, no well defined techniques and guidelines have been established. The consequence is that organizations are very dependent on method designers' skills. In this paper, we propose an approach based on SME for constructing customized agent oriented design processes. Our approach adopts the metamodel as the most important factor leading to the selection and assembly of method fragments and an algorithm for establishing the instantiation order of metamodel elements. The algorithm makes the proposed approach repeatable and usable even by not very skilled personnel, thus proposing an improvement to the actual situation. The proposed approach and the algorithm are also experimented through the construction of a design process (ASPECS) for developing dynamic hierarchical societies of agents. The approach we created is general enough to be applied in other development contexts (not only agent-oriented).
Metamodel; design process; multi-agent system; situational method engineering
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International journal with reading committee
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