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Semantic Transformation from SARL Agent-Oriented Statements to Java Object-Oriented Statements

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In International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, vol. 17(2), Centre for Environment & Socio-Economic Research Publication, 2019.
ISSN 0974-0635.
As a general-purpose agent-oriented programming language, SARL aims at providing the fundamental abstractions that are usually considered as essential for implementing agent-based applications. Every programming language specifies an execution model. In the case of SARL, this execution model is defined based upon the object-oriented paradigm, i.e. a Java-based run-time environment. The goal of this paper is the explanation of the mapping between the agent paradigm and the object-oriented paradigm, and the definition of transformations from the SARL constructs to the object-oriented constructs. They enable the SARL developer understanding the SARL statements, and the mapping to executable entities.
Agent-oriented Paradigm; Object-oriented Paradigm; Language Transformation; SARL
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International journal with reading committee
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