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Matlab Gui Application for Moving Object Detection and Tracking

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In Proc. of 15th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, 2018.
In this paper a novel tool for moving object detection and tracking is presented. The main contribution of the proposed application is the achievement of a simple and intuitive graphic interface during the extraction the silhouette of targets by means of a new algorithm. This proposed algorithm which combined frame difference method, background subtraction method, Laplace filter and Canny edge detector together can realize a way to achieve sparse detection fast. Some modular architecture in this Graphical User Interface has been developed in order to enhance the user's experience. The experiment was tested by using sequence images from the MULTIVITION dataset, and experimental results showed that our proposed method has more validity and flexibility to get the desired result than conventional algorithm.
Graphical user interface, Frame difference, Background subtraction, Laplace filter, Canny detector
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International conference with proceedings
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