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Towards the Agentification of a Virtual Situated Environment for Urban Crowd Simulation

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In Proc. of the Insitution of Engineering and Technology Conference on Smart and Sustainable City 2011 (ICSSC11), Institute Engineering and Technology and Shanghai University, Shanghaï, China, Shanghaï University Press, 2011.
ISBN 978-1-84919-326-9.
Research works in urban and crowd simulation tend to study systems, which are more and more complex, large and realistic. In such a case, the environment of the simulated system is a key concept which represents and manages the virtual world in which the agents are living. This paper starts from a modular object- oriented environment model, JaSIM, and proposes to agentify its components to enhance the modularity of the environmental model and its execution performances.
Crowd Simulation, Multi-Agent System, Simulation, Environment Model.
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International conference with proceedings
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