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METROB: Evaluation and Simulation of Public Transport System

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In Proc. of the Insitution of Engineering and Technology Conference on Smart and Sustainable City 2011 (ICSSC11), Institute Engineering and Technology and Shanghai University, Shanghaï, China, Shanghaï University Press, 2011.
ISBN 978-1-84919-326-9.
In this paper, we present models and the corresponding decision-support tool, MetroB, for evaluating the Public Transport Networks (PTN). Firstly, we define the geo-referenced mode underlying our approach. Then, the PTN model is explained, and various evaluation and assessment methods are explained. These models and evaluation algorithms are specifically designed to address to the design of PTN for small- and medium-size towns. This approach has been successfully implemented in a decision-support tool, which have been used by the public transport authority of the region of Belfort in France to design its new PTN.
Simulation, Evaluation, Statistics, Geographical Information System, Public Transport System.
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International conference with proceedings
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