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Agent-Based Dynamic Rescheduling of Daily Activities

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In Proc. of 8th International Symposium on Frontiers in Ambient and Mobile Systems, pp. 979-984, Porto, Portugal, Procedure Computer Science, Elsevier, 2018.
DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2018.04.100.
When simulating individuals’ daily plan, in order to determine the effect on the road network, lots of unexpected events need to be considered, like traffic jam and weather changes. Therefore, there will be a mismatch between the original plan and the executed one. Faced with this situation, individuals need to adjust the rest of activities to make a new schedule. This paper analyzes the causes of rescheduling, and establishes a new rescheduling model, combining strengths of existing rescheduling models. The model in this paper considers the rescheduling possibilities and choices as much as possible. It takes time pressure and similarity into consideration when updating a schedule. Furthermore, this paper analyzes joint trip/activity execution by studying the cooperation between agents during the rescheduling process.
Daily Activity Schedule, Rescheduling, Agent-based Model, Coordination, Travel Demand Prediction
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International conference with proceedings
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