Programming Languages

  • SARL agent-programing language

Major Platforms


The following software are developed in the context of one of the projects of the Group:

  • SARTRE: Analysis of Public Transport Networks from Real Bus Data
  • MetroB: Decision-Making System for the Design and Analysis of Public Transport Networks

Middleware and Libraries

The following middleware and libraries are used to build platforms and applications by the Multiagent group.

Open-Source Libraries by Members

The following website provides open-source libraries that are widely used in the platforms of the Multiagent group:

  • Arakhnê Foundation Classes: a collection of Java utilities related to the virtual machine, the graphical interface. It also includes a math and geometry library.
  • NetEditor: a library to design, view and edit graph-based graphical languages.
  • TinyMAS: a simple and fast multiagent platform. No more under development.
    See its successor: Janus.
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