Seminars Organized by the LE2I


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June 8th 14.00 Belfort Pr. Ansar Yasar
Title to be defined
May 4th 14.00 Meeting Room, Building D, Belfort Pr. Vincent Chevrier
Mecsyco: Multi-agent Environment for the Co-simulation of COmplex systems
Most modeling and simulation (M&S) questions about complex systems require to take simultaneously account of several points of view. Phenomena evolving at different scales and at different levels of resolution have to be considered. Moreover, expert skills belonging to different scientific fields are needed. The challenges are then to reconcile these heterogeneous points of view, and to integrate each domain tools (formalisms and simulation software) within the rigorous framework of the M&S process.

This talk will present the mecsyco co-simulation middleware ( Mecsyco r elies on the universality of the DEVS formalism to integrate models written in different formalism. This integration is based on a wrapping strategy in order to make models implemented in different simulation software inter-operable. The middleware performs the co-simulation in a parallel, decentralized and distributable fashion thanks to its modular multi-agent architecture.

March 16th 14.00 Meeting Room, Building D, Belfort Stéphane GALLAND
SARL - Agent-oriented Programming Language

SARL is a general-purpose agent-oriented language. It aims at providing the fundamental abstractions for dealing with concurrency, distribution, interaction, decentralization, reactivity, autonomy and dynamic reconfiguration. These high-level features are now considered as the major requirements for an easy and practical implementation of modern complex software applications, and specifically agent-oriented programming. This talk will introduce you to the advances of the SARL agent programming languages, and provides several examples of usages.



Date Hour Details
February 6th 9.30 Sebastian Rodriguez, Nicolas GAUD
SARL - Agent-oriented Programming Language


Date Hour Details
November 14th 14.00 Vincent HILAIRE
OpenModelica, un langage ad-hoc pour la simulation
September 27th 09.00-18.00 Agent Group Workshop
June 14th 10.00 Luk Knapen (IMOB, Hasselt, Belgium)
Carpooling Model.
March 10th 10.00 Olivier Boissier (EMSE, Saint-Etienne, France)
Multiagent-oriented programming


Date Hour Details
January 31th 14.30 Michael Schumacher (Applied Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Sierre, Switzerland)
Medical and Smart-grid applications at AIS Lab.


Date Hour Details
February 15th 14.00 Gildas Morvan (LGI2A Laboratory, Béthune, France)
Multilevel simulation and its applications.
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