SeTGIS : SeT Geographical Information System

Example of the MetroB application based on SeTGIS

SeTGIS (SeT Geographical Information System) provides models and tools to integrate information from Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Java applications.

Additionally, SeTGIS provides a fast and convenient model for a graph composed of roads in one hand; and in the other hand, it provides a model of bus network linked to roads.

Major Features

  • Model that is containing of collection of geographic primitives (points, polylines, polygons...)
  • Model for layered GIS projects.
  • Model for road networks, based on GIS informations.
  • Model for bus networks, linked to road networks.
  • Swing components (including a viewer) dedicated to GIS-based projects.
  • SFC plugins.


SeTGIS is distributed under a proprietary license, non-free.

More informations

To obtain more informations about SeTGIS, please contact:

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