Intelligent Scrum Project Management

Nowadays, there exist many project management tools designed for supporting Scrum teams, like ScrumWork, IceScrum, ... Most of these softwares could handle general Scrum elements and model the Scrum process. One can cite Project with its Backlog composed of User Stories or tasks, Sprints as iterations, Release and so on. Some of them propose several User roles. However, there is still a gap between the needs of Scrum masters (and users) in terms of monitoring and estimation functions and the current tools possibilities.

The goal of the provided Scrum Tool is to provide an assistance platform for distributed Scrum users. It aims at modeling and automating human activities and concepts during development projects following the Scrum method. More specifically, it aims at managing data/knowledge about elements and events appearing in the Scrum process. The added value concerns the improvement of functions that monitor and estimate project costs and workers' efficiency. Precisely, we calculate how much money needs to be spent in order to finish one project. This computation uses the estimation time of each task or story in the project. The proposed tool also displays the estimated cost of each project timely and fire alarms if the budget is greater than a given maximum threshold. Furthermore, we calculate and display each workers' efficiency timely referenced by his/her historical situation concerning the implementation of tasks and user stories, on time, in advance or delayed.

The Scrum tool is based upon a typical web-based tool written in Java. Underlying, this web-based application there is a Scrum ontology, written with K-CRIO [1], and a Multi-Agent System (MAS) using the Janus platform [2]. The agents are used for their autonomy, re-activity and pro-activity capabilities to implement the above cited functionalities.


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