SFC : SeT Foundation Classes

Example of the MetroB application based on SFC

The SFC (SeT Foundation Classes) is a collection of libraries to help the Java developpers to build complex and rich applications. The SFC was initially written to create the application framework of the MetroB application. It is now used to build desktop applications in the Multiagent Group projects. It provides tools that extend the standard Sun's Java API; and it provides a Rich Component Programming (RCP) interface to build applications faster and easier.

Major Features

  • Mathematic and geometric advanced tools.
  • Input/Output utilities.
  • Readers and writers for specific file formats (DAE, Shape, dBase...)
  • Icon loader and manager.
  • Advanced Swing components: date and time choosers, advanced dialog boxes, panel with zoom support...
  • Plugin manager.
  • Application framework and RCP.


SFC are distributed under a proprietary license, non-free.

More informations

To obtain more informations about SFC, please contact:

Open Source Dependencies

SFC depend on the following open-source libraries:

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