Sartre: Data collection and analysis of Optymo Public Transport Systems

Start Date End Date Duration
01/09/2010 01/09/2012 24 months

Project Summary

The goal of this project consists in developping a software application to perform the following functions:

  • recovering contextual information from sensors embedded in a bus;
  • storing data locally in the bus;
  • extracting data at the end of the day, and collecting them into a central database.

To meet these objectives, functions are based on the following components:

  1. An embedded software deployed in the bus to collect information: This application will save the sensors data at a specified frequency.
  2. A listener process for data exchange between vehicles and the central Information System: This process will achieve the repatriation of data recorded in the bus to the RTTB central information system through a wireless or wired network.
  3. A user-centric query process for performing queries on the information system and computing a collection of relevant indicators.

The SARTRE application also provides a graphical user interface based on the SeTGIS middleware and provides SFC plugins dedicated to the design and the evaluation of bus networks. This software is an extension of the MetroB application.


SARTRE is distributed under a proprietary license, non-free.

More informations

To obtain more informations about SARTRE, please contact:


See Also

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