MetroB: Evaluation and Simulation of Public Transport Systems

Bus Network as a GIS Layer

MetroB is a project for Public Transport Network Design (PTND) in the context on small- and medium-size towns (less than 100,000 people). Indeed these towns are too small to use the same methods and tools than bigger cities, because they are too expensive in time, money and competences. Moreover, they are more sensible to the private operating costs, the social costs of the restructured system, and the investment costs for the bus fleet and the road infrastructures.

Evaluation of the Population Covering by the Bus Network

MetroB is a decision-support tool implementing the various models and evaluation algorithms presented in this paper. It enables Public Transport Authorities (PTA) to introduce an important number of modernizing measures fare increases.

Unfortunately traditional tools for PTN evaluation and simulation have several drawbacks in the context of small- and medium-size towns:

  • Accessibility: specific and high competencies and skills are required to use these tools;
  • Efficiency: it is still long and difficult to create bus network models;
  • Understandability: it is difficult to understand outputs provided by the existing tools without the help of (expensive) experts of the domain;
  • Scalability: they are designed for large towns, not for small- and medium-size towns.

MetroB provides models, features, and tools to solve these problems. It enables to (a) import data collection from Geographical Information Systems (GIS), e.g. shape files; (b) import and display geo-referenced pictures; (c) draw several GIS data inside projects and layers (roads, buildings...); (d) export into standard GIS and picture formats; and (e) edit GIS object's attributes (name, vehicle capacity...). MetroB provides user-friendly tools to edit bus networks graphically: one click to bind or unbind a road segment to a bus itinerary, add or remove bus stops, automatically create exchange stations among bus lines.

The following figure illustrates the architecture of the MetroB application. This application is based on the SeTGIS middleware and provides SFC plugins dedicated to the design and the evaluation of bus networks.


MetroB is distributed under a proprietary license, non-free.

More informations

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