Intelligent Vehicles

This platform consists of three electric, automated, and instrumented vehicles: 1 RobuCAB, and 2 GEMCars.

The vehicles are equipped for:

  • the perception of the environment (cameras and laser range finders), and the location (GPS);
  • the characterization of the kinematics and dynamics of the vehicle (inertial sensor, odometer, gyroscope);
  • the real-time acquisition, and their processing algorithms (industrial PC rack, dSpace MicroAutoBox card);
  • the communication within and between the intelligent vehicles, the man-machine communication (screens, joystick, etc.)

Your team works on agent-based algorithms to control these intelligent vehicles.

The VIVUS simulator is also provided by our team for simulating the intelligent vehicles in 3D virtual environments.

More informations

To obtain more informations about the intelligent vehicles, please contact:

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