How to Enter the Correct Values for the Fields of a Publication

This page presents several guidelines to enter the correct values for the fields of the publications.


The title of a publication is automatically formatted by the tools (BibTeX...). To prevent this formatting, you may enclosed the text by braces.


  • "The JaSIM platform" is formatted as "The Jasim Platform"
  • "The {JaSIM} platform" is formatted as "The JaSIM Platform"


The list of the authors is a sequence of pairs Last name, First name. The online form provided by this website only supports this format. You must enter the last name, a coma, and the first name for each author. The online form will show you all the names from the database that are matching your input.


  • Galland, StĂ©phane


If the page field is an interval of page numbers, we recommend to indicate this interval with the BibTeX syntax: the double dash.


  • 12--34
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