How to edit a publication in the database

The Multiagent group uses a database to store the publications of its members. This database is used to automatically generate the publication's page of the website and all the member's pages.

You must be logged in and be an author to edit a publication.

  1. Display the details of the publication to edit by clicking on its title.
  2. If you are an author of the publication, the edition button should appear.
  3. Click on the edition button to open the edition form.
  4. Form Page 1:
    • Change the type of the publication if necessary.
    • Click on "Next Page".
  5. Form Page 2:
    • Fill the fields that are describing the publication.
    • Each field has a small help: move your mouse cursor on the "information" icon until the tooltip is displayed.
    • When a field should contain names (authors, editors...), please type the family name prior to the first name. The form will try to apply complete the name.
    • All the fields with a small star (*) are mandatory.
    • After the fields are filled, press on "Next Page".
  6. Form Page 3:
    • This page display a summary of the publication before it is put back into the database.
    • Check if all the fields are correctly entered. If not, go back by clicking on "Previous Page".
    • If every field is correctly entered, press "Next Page".
  7. Your publication is registered inside the database and should appear in the website after all the cached files were refreshed.
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