AOSE-TF 06: Agent Oriented Software Engineering Technical Forum 2006

13 December 2006 Lisbon, Portugal

to be held in conjuction with the EUMAS workshop

(please see the draft of programme of the whole Technical Forum Group event here)


  • 11-12-06: Final (hopefully) programme published. New contributions introduced here.
  • 08-12-06: Please note that now the meeting is schedule as a one-day meeting as it was anticipated in the news of 25-10-06. The draft of the program is available here. New contributions added in the related page.
  • 04-12-06: page with contributions is now online. Find it here.
  • 25-10-06: Please be adviced that altough in the draft programme (see above) this TF is scheduled as a half day meeting, we are trying to find more time and some changes in time are possible


This fourth edition continues the tradition of the AOSE Technical Forum Group (TFG) started back in 2004. The scope of this Technical Forum (TF) is to work on agent-oriented software engineering (AOSE) main challenges and its specific aim is renewing and strengthening the cohesion of the AOSE community that participated in the previous meetings. As a tangible result of these events, several members of this TFG now share common research activities and projects originated from the discussions they had during the meetings (or after them).

The initial work plan for this one day meeting mainly includes topics proposed by TFG supporters and a few panels on relevant research issues.

The topics of interest are (but are not limited to):

  • MAS-SPL: Multi-agent systems and software product lines;
  • Agent modelling languages;
  • Methodologies for agent-oriented analysis and design;
  • Testing techniques for Multi-agent systems;
  • Patterns, aspects and re-use approaches for agent-oriented software;
  • Methodology evaluation;
  • Model-driven architecture (MDA) for MAS;
  • Refinement and synthesis techniques for agent-based specifications;
  • Verification and validation techniques for agent-based systems;
  • Software development environments and CASE tools for AOSE;
  • Formal methods for agent-oriented systems, including specification and verification logics;
  • Model checking for agent-oriented systems;
  • Engineering large-scale agent systems;
  • Experiences and real applications with agents;
  • Market and other economic models in agent systems engineering;
  • Practical coordination and cooperation frameworks for agent systems;
  • Standardisations for AOSE;
  • Trends in software engineering and AOSE (method engineering, model driven engineering, etc.)

Past meetings of the AOSE Technical Forum Group:

Preliminary Programme

The meeting will be a one-day meeting (afternoon) to be held on December 13th. It will consist of two sessions: a paper/talk session and a panel session. In the first one a small number of short presentations will be given and open and moderated discussions will follow. In the second one a broad panel-like discussion on the most relevant topics in AOSE will be held. The speakers for each panel are still to be selected and will be announced through the AOSE TF web page.

The schedule, the contributions (both in form of papers and presentation slides), and other working documents will be published on this web site.


Participants are STRONGLY encouraged to submit a paper thus allowing other attendees to know, well before the meeting, the arguments that will be discussed there. We accept position papers, papers illustrating new researches in the area as well as any other scientific relevant contribution (also demonstration of prototypes) about the above listed topics. There will be no formal proceedings. Therefore published papers are acceptable too (provided that no existing copyright is infringed). The format and length of such position papers are open.

Registration for AOSE TF is free. Unfortunately, there will be no funding for attendants in this edition. We would like to invite all those who are interested in participating remotely to submit a paper about the above mentioned topics. Papers should be sent to Massimo Cossentino ( and they will be published on the AOSE TFG web page.

The deadline for contributions related to talks to be held during the meeting is ***November 15th*** while contributions just for publication in the website could be sent even after the event, perhaps to clarify an opinion issued during the meeting.

AOSE TF Chairs


Day Details
December, 13th 09.30-11.00 Talks session (chair: M. Cossentino)
09.30 Participants Introduction
09.40 MAS Product Lines (Joaquin Peña)
10.05 Simulation-driven Development of MAS (Giancarlo Fortino)
10.30 The Gaia2JADE Process for Multi-Agent Systems Development (Nikolaos I. Spanoudakis)
10.55 From Analysis to Design of Holonic Multi-Agent Systems (Vincent Hilaire)
11.15-12.00 Talks session (chair: Brian Henderson-Sellers)
11.15-11.40 Towards Agent Model Driven Engineering (Juan Pavón)
11.40-12.00 Tools for Methodologies Construction (Massimo Cossentino)
Lunch Break
14.00-16.00 Debate session: Standardization in AOSE (chair: Juan Pavón)
14.00-14.30 The ISO proposal for the standardization of the design process (Brian Henderson-Sellers)
14.30-14.45 Past experiences in FIPA and new possibilities (Massimo Cossentino)
14.45-15.15 Debate
15.15-15.45 The IEEE FIPA Standards Organization (Stefan Poslad, FIPA Europe Regional Chair)
15.45-16.00 Debate
16.15-17.30 Debate session: European Projects - New Scientific Events

(chair: Carole Bernon)

16.15-17.00 Debate on European Projects and possible initiatives from the AOSE TFG
17.00-17.30 Debate on a new scientific event for AOSE
17.40-18.40 Joint Session with PROMAS
Proposed topics for discussion:
  • Specification vs implementation: what is more important in the agent community?
  • Impact of meta-models in the construction of MAS
  • The impact of agent oriented programming languages research in AOSE


Talks should be 5-10 minutes shorter of the assigned time slot in order to leave time for discussion (not in debate sessions where time for debate is already scheduled)

Documents, presentations and other materials are available in the contributions section.


Author Title Documents
Joaquin Peña MAS Product Lines
Giancarlo Fortino Simulation-driven Development of MAS zipped ppt
Nikolaos I. Spanoudakis The Gaia2JADE Process for Multi-Agent Systems Development zipped ppt
Vincent Hilaire From Analysis to Design of Holonic Multi-Agent Systems zipped pdf
Massimo Cossentino Tools for Methodologies Construction
Juan Pavon Towards Agent Model Driven Engineering zipped ppt
Massimo Cossentino et al. (past) FIPA Methodology TC activity
(to support debate in the standardization session)
Brian Henderson-Sellers The ISO proposal for the standardization of the design process
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