How to collaborate with us?

Study Contract: Consulting and Technology Watch

We put our expertise to your service at advising and developing the best diagnostic on your project as soon as possible.

Research Contract: Research and Development

You want to collaborate with our research team. We work out as quickly as possible and in complete confidentiality your research contract that will set the terms of our delivery.

Innovative Projects and Research Programs

You want to collaborate with our team and enjoy the benefits of the research tax credit (French CIR), we support you in all your efforts. We guide you through the reports redaction and the creation of a consortium with other companies and laboratories to respond to innovative projects calls: European projects, FUI, FEDER, ANR, Eureka, Interreg...

  • COST
    European cooperation in science and technology, its support will cover the costs of networking activities such as meetings (e.g. travel, subsistence, local organiser support), conferences, workshops, short-term scientific exchanges, training schools, publications and dissemination activities. COST does not fund the research itself.

Technological Facilities and Technology Platforms

To complete your research projects, our team has

  • a Virtual Reality platform and all associated peripherals (3D mouse, 3D haptic arms, gloves),
  • a platform of micro-robots,
  • and two electric vehicles with automatic command, equipped with embedded computers, many sensors (inertial central, laser rangefinders, LIDAR, sonar, cameras, stereoscopic sensors, GPS-RTK) and various communication interfaces (WiFi, ...)

Need help?

Please find below few links that may help you to set up your project.

Contact at Franche-Comté Regional Council

The website of the Franche-Comté Region dealing with research programs: Innovation in Franche Comté


  • Ms Marie-Agnès Cotton:, +33 3 81 61 55 08
  • Mr André Pierre: +33 3 81 61 61 55, (Directeur de la Recherche et de l'enseignement supérieur)

Researchers’ mobility and Postdoc financial support

How to find a project call or a partner?

Use the (fr) ANR research search engine.

Competitiveness clusters

Listings of the (fr) 71 french clusters.

Some interesting clusters

    Software-dominant systems with a strong social dimension.
    “World class” French Cluster.
    Organized around five major themes:
    • Automotive & Transport
    • Free & Open Source Software
    • Security & Defense
    • Systems Design & Development Tools
    • Telecoms
  • Moveo
    Private cars and public transport safe for human and his environment.
    Organized around seven major themes:
    • Mobility Solutions
    • Road Safety
    • Demonstration and Low CO2 Vehicles
    • Vehicles Environmental Impact
    • Energy Storage Systems
    • Mechatronics Systems
    • ICE Powertrain
  • Mobility and Advanced Transport System
  • Vehicle of the Future
  • Lyon Urban Truck and Bus
  • Risk Management
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